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Ram s Englishman

Ram's Englishman Susan Ram No Full Stops in India by Mark Tully; Viking: Penguin India, New Delhi,
TWENTY years as the Delhi bureau chief of the BBC have rendered Mark TuIly in many ways an institution as familiar and credible as his employing organisation. For the BBC's worldwide audience as well as its consumers back home in Britain, Tully's long Indian innings has yielded a steady flow of information and analysis on a complex country and region. Indian listeners, too, have benefited from the alternative provided by Hilly and his colleagues to the 'news' as defined and served up by the homegrown electronic media. Back in the 70s, Tully provided coverage of the Emergency so out of step with official make-belief as to invoke swift governmental retribution

British Politics in Wake of Miners Strike-Margaret Thatcher s Troubled Legacy

British Politics in Wake of Miners' Strike Margaret Thatcher's Troubled Legacy Susan Ram SIX months after British coalminers return ed to the pits, unbowed behind their union banners, Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government remains unable to turn a con vincing industrial triumph to real political advantage. The current position is indicated by opinion poll findings that confirm the party's third-place ranking among voters and suggest the government now enjoys the sup port of a bare 30 per cent of the electorate

Intervention in Nicaragua-Carter and Now Reagan Find the Options Limited

November 19, 1983 cal objectivity about these data. But now it seems that the Planning Commission has ceased to be objective, and simply aggregates the dubious claims of the ministries.

TAMIL NADU-Impressive Unity in Women s College Struggle

Impressive Unity in Women's College Struggle Susan Ram BEHIND its spiked steel gates and formidable compound walls, the Southern India Education Trust (SIET) Women's College, Madras, has remained apparently insulated from the issues and campaigns that in the past few years have been activating teachers and students throughout the city and state. But it was always clear that this isolation was not born of staff and student contentment with conditions or work and study within the college. On the contrary, allegations of large- scale corruption on the part of the management, stories of the less than savoury activities of the Founder, Ba- sheer Ahmed Sayeed, and charges of consistent underpayment and other forms of cheating of teaching and non-teaching staff have for many years had wide currency in Madras. However given the atmosphere of insecurity and fear within the college that the management was adopt at sustaining

TAMIL NADU-Plight of Teachers of Private Colleges

September 23, 1978 ON the evening of August 4, the high, cream-coloured compound walls of Holy Cross College, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu echoed to sounds far removed from the following cadences of the Catholic Mass. Below them, some six or seven hundred marchers, led by office-bearers of the Association of Univesily Teachers (AUT), paused for several minutes to raise angry slogans against the ''unholy Holy Cross management''; from tiny barred and mesh-filled windows set high into one section of the walls, girl students "eered out curiously to observe the assembled demonstrators and the large contingent of police who, with set faces, maintained a heavy guard around the college perimeter. Moving on past the college, the marchers

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