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When Cure Is Better Than Prevention

This paper attempts to understand the communities' perception of protection, prevention and immunity in the specific context of measles and child health in general. The attempt here is to understand the various perceptions of the causation of measles and the quest for therapy in diverse socio-cultural contexts in India. The analysis focuses on the notion of 'preventable disease' as understood by the community, and on what constitutes prevention and immunity against measles.

Numerical Narratives and Documentary Practices

The documentary practices of target-setting, reporting, evaluation and supervision at the level of the district and the primary health centres are built around a bureaucratic organisation of information and allow for the production of 'numerical narratives' to fulfil the needs of the bureaucratic imagination of a successful public health programme wherein the record gains primacy over the event. Front-line health workers, ANMs are the focus of the analysis here, as they constantly negotiate between the health bureaucracy and the communities (local bureaucracies). This article demonstrates how programmatic goals are mediated by local contexts through these health workers, and how their perceptions and practices produce numerical narratives which meet the demands of rule and record bound bureaucratic imagination.

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