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Nuclear Liability

The article “The Other Side of Nuclear Liability” (EPW, 17 April 2010), is a lucid presentation on the issue.

Intellectuals and Nandigram

The letter ‘On Nandigram’, March 31, signed by a number of well known academics and activists makes both interesting and disturbing reading.

The Mask Slips

If the suo motu statement made by the Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on the 8th anniversary of the Babri masjid demolition, to the effect that the campaign for construction of a Ram mandir at the very site of demolition is a manifestation of the (Hindu and thereby Indian) nationalist

Nuclear Exhibitionism Footfall of Hindu Fascism

to people's enrichment; I have interpreted it as a measure of relational wealth (US Economy and Relational Wealth, 1998). US GPI per capita in 1994 is $ 4,068 which is less than $ 5,658 in 1950, That is, GPI per capita has fallen in the last 44 years so that US has become poorer. GPI has been estimated for UK, Germany, Austria also. In these countries also as GDP per capita has gone up, the GPI per capita has slid down. In other words as material wealth has gone up, relational wealth has gone down. People are in fact worse off. In India also poverty and pollution that affects the poor worse have worsened. The vernacular press gives stories of the deprivation of the poor and its imapct in terms of suicides, rape, crime against women, etc. By this criteria as well, economic policy followed by the Nuclear Exhibitionism: Footfall of

BJP s Real Agenda

Sukla Sen WITH the dissolution of the 11 th Lok Sabha on December 4, 1997. the Indian media, almost as a body, have launched a concerted propaganda barrage to overwhelm the public with three meticulously manufactured Impressions. One, now the only issue before the Indian electorate is the stability of the next government, no matter what policies this government might try to follow (in any case, everybody would pursue much the same policies). Two, the BJP's politics has taken a decisive turn towards moderation, no matter how weak, contradictory and confusing the evidence of this is. Three, the inevitability of Atal Behari Vajpayee becoming the next prime minister, no matter how he conjures up the required majority.

Socialism in One Country

THIS is in response to some of the issues raised by Khagen Das (EPW, June 18, 1988), which is again a rejoinder of sons to Achin Vanaik's, 'Continuity and Change in Soviet Foreign Policy under Gorbachev' (EPW, March 12).

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