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Way Forward for Left in Latin America?

A new wave of anti-capitalist non-electoral alternatives is spreading all over Latin America. The Other Campaign of the Zapatistas of Mexico, the Brazilian Landless Labourers Movement as well as the mobilisation against Chavezâ??s environmental policy in Venezuela reflect a new desire by social movements to maintain a distance from electoral politics.

Trade Treaties and US Hegemony in the Americas

On April 29, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia signed a People Trade Agreement, which is seen as a step towards the alternative trade agreement proposed by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez - the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas. The nationalisation of Bolivia's natural gas industry is a result of pressure from social movements and takes place in the context of moves towards energy integration in ALBA. After decades of austerity, growing inequalities, and US domination of the region, national governments are beginning to reject Washington's recipe for corporate-led growth.

Beyond the World Social Forum

There is the increasing belief that transnational exchanges between grassroot social movements will come to play a crucial role in generating social change in the Americas. However, social movements that seek a greater role within the newly established leftist governments in South America may find that the World Social Forum offers too limited a space for such exchanges to occur.

Community Radio in Venezuela

During the early days of the Chavez presidency and the strikes in 2001 that threatened to cripple Venezuela's economy, it was community radio that provided an alternative forum to sustain democracy. However, in recent times, radio activists have had to fight a hard battle with the government. The struggle to retain autonomy has been difficult, in the face of constant struggles to secure authorisation or meet financing demands.

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