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When Isolates Seek Identity

Subrata Banerjee THE management profession in our country is both old and young. This apparent contradiction was well explained by M Chakravarty at the first-ever National Management Convention, sponsored by the All-India Management Association, at New Delhi, from February 12 to 14. He pointed out that till the beginning of this century, whilst business in England was still family owned and managed, a commercial service was established in India for the managing agencies set up to manage, provide knowhow and secure capital for the business houses. This was indeed the first experiment with absentee owners and local professional managers. It was a highly successful experiment indeed as far as the interests of the owners were concerned. The managing agency system was really a natural development of the growth of finance capital and the export of capital, two of the specific features of imperialism, as defined by Lenin.

A Fraternity Happening

A Fraternity 'Happening' Subrata Banerjee THE complex and diversified role of advertising in a developing economy is at last beginning to be recognised. This was the impression I gathered listening to the discussions at the Seventh Asian Congress held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, from November 18 to 20. The theme of the Congress was "Advertising and the Emerging Markets of Asia". Both the theme and the timing of the Congress were of some significance. The last ten years have been considered as a development decade for Asia. The seventies seem to hold out the promise of rapid progress towards the fulfilment of at least some of the aspirations for a better life. Advertising certainly has a catalytic role to play in this impending social transformation in Asia.

A Fire-Brigade Operation Still

framework". Of the latter he says "There is only one true socialism and that is scientific socialism, the principles of which are abiding and universal . . . only under socialism can we reliably accumulate the capital we need for our development, ensure that the gains of investment are applied to the general welfare and achieve our goal of a free and united continent".

The Advertising Agency-A New Service

Advertising agencies have carried most of the burden of the rapid growth of advertising business in the last decade as the major advertisers have not expanded their advertisement departments to any appreciable extent. The agencies have responded to the challenge by reaching out towards greater sophistication and diversification of services offered.

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