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Reduce Demand

One cannot agree more with Shankar Sharma (“Nuclear Power in the Context of Global Warming”, EPW, 26 April 2014) when he pleads for a society giving up unnecessary consumerism so that the energy demand may be met through sustainable and people-friendly means.

Filling a Void

One will agree with V Krishna Ananth’s observation, “It is not necessary that the AAP hurry up to state its position on such issues right away. It can afford to wait, simply because it is not going to be handed power in May 2014” (“Where Does the Aam Aadmi Party Stand?”, EPW, 5 April 2014).

Role of the Middle Class

Ashok K Lahiri deserves to be complimented for expressing his views on the role of the middle class in economic growth in Asia in general and India in particular (“The Middle Class and Economic Reforms”, EPW, 15 March 2014).

Post-Nandigram West Bengal

Sumanta Banerjee deserves thanks for his thought-provoking article entitled ‘Moral Betrayal of a Leftist Dream’ (April 7). He has expressed his anguish over the current turmoil in West Bengal after the Nandigram episode.

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