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An Open Appeal to the Chief Minister of West Bengal

For several years the people of Jungle Mahal in West Bengal have been suffering persecution, humiliation and indignities at the hands of the state forces and armed bullies financed by the ruling parties.

Official Truth as Judicial Truth, via the Media

Truth, via the Media December 13, Terror over Democracy by Nirmalangshu Mukherjee; Promilla and Co, New Delhi, 2005;
SUBHENDU DASGUPTA In the process of analysing a contemporary incident

Transnational Corporations in Electric Power Sector, 1947-1967-Continuity of Linkages

Transnational Corporations in Electric Power Sector, 1947-1967 Continuity of Linkages Subhendu Dasgupta Mere change of economic activities, from trade to manufacture, in the private sector or from manufacture in the private sector to manufacture in the public sector does not signify the end of linkages between transnational corporations and a third world country.

Structure of Interdependence in Indian Industry-Electrical Equipment Industry A Case Study

This paper seeks to delineate the structure of interdependence among the Government of India, Indian private enterprise and foreign collaboration in the electrical equipment industry.

Foreign Investment in India Danish View

Foreign Investment in India: Danish View Subhendu Dasgupta Transfer of Technology to India: A Case Study of Private Danish Business Activities in India, John Carlsen and Peter Neerse, Institute for Development Research, Denmark.

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