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Class Re-formation in Mumbai-Has Organised Labour Risen to the Challenge

Has Organised Labour Risen to the Challenge?
Stephen Sherlock The labour movement which made an impact on the character of the Mumbai working class in the past is losing much of its capacity to influence class formation at the level of consciousness and struggle. Past successes were the result of determination and sacrifice, but the fruits of this struggle were channelled into organisations which depended on an environment created by the state. While circumstances have changed, there appears to be a reluctance on the part of the trade unions to recognise the limitations of past achievements and to relate to the new Mumbai working class.

Railway Workers and Their Unions-Origins of 1974 Indian Railways Strike

Railway Workers and Their Unions Origins of 1974 Indian Railways Strike Stephen Sherlock The railway strike of May 1974 has been dealt with as one of the events which precipitated the Emergency of the following year. The government itself branded the strike as a 'political strike' and used it as a justification for the declaration of Emergency. Such analyses, however, are indicative of an attitude which sees little importance in workers' own motivations and which sees 'polities' as the preserve of the powerful.

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