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Of Stand-up Comedy and Stereotypes

Even though stand-up comedians claim to represent the interests of the young and the hip, they are still steeped in misogyny.

Socio-spatial Stigma and Segregation

Caste-based spatial segregation, largely assumed to be a characteristic of rural societies, is reproduced in urban spaces as well, and a large population of Dalits continue to inhabit segregated settlements in the metropolitan cities of the country. Fieldwork conducted in one such segregated neighbourhood of Balmikis in central Delhi is drawn upon to explore how they perceive the urban space and how they think they are perceived by others.

The Nandy Conundrum

This is a response to K V Cybil's controversial poser (EPW, 12 October 2013) in the context of Ashis Nandy's comments on dalits at the 2013 Jaipur literary fest. Can Nandy's own writings on humiliation help us reflect on this controversy and what do the social scientists and the teaching community have to learn from this about the practice of social science in India?

Refl ections, Obsessions, Perfections

P S Leela’s interesting and unusual article on mirrors titled “Mirrors and Brothers” (EPW, 8 February 2014) intrigued me and kindled many thoughts. It is interesting to know that there was some opposition to installation of a mirror in the house.

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