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Economic Profile of Uttaranchal

The first states reorganisation commission had turned down the proposal for the creation of Uttaranchal on the grounds that it was not economically viable. The backward, agrarian character of the state, with fragmented and uneconomical landholdings, would seem to bear out this conclusion. However, with stress on diversification from agriculture to horticulture, investment in irrigation, infrastructure and promotion of tourism, Uttaranchal can be made viable.

Phasing Out of Import Licensing

It has been suggested that there will only be a marginal increase in import demand as a consequence of removal of quantitative restrictions (QRs) on imports. But the problem needs to be viewed on a selective basis, since certain industries are likely to be hurt because of their peculiar circumstances. Action to redress the situation has also to be taken on a selective basis.

Inflation and Distribution of Income

Sridhar Krishna This paper studies the changes in distribution of national income and in consumption expenditures by different sections of the population in an inflationary context.

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