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Farmers' Suicides in Maharashtra

This article argues that the loss in competitiveness of the Indian cotton farmer after the opening up of India's agricultural economy in the mid-1990s was a major reason for the increase in farmers' suicides. Recently, in Maharashtra, there was a suicide epidemic owing to a decline in profit incomes to levels that were significantly negative.

City Transport in India

Public transport consumes less space per passenger and leads to lower congestion. This article recommends that both incentives and disincentives (for private transport) are needed to promote the use and sustainability of public transport in India. Incentives include better quality and more comfortable public transport with higher frequency of trips, low waiting time and a unified transport system. Disincentives for private transport must include higher parking and toll charges.

Making Use of the Window of Demographic Opportunity

This paper points out that India has been passing through a "window of demographic opportunity" since the 1980s. In the country as a whole the share of the working age group (15-59) in the population has been increasing. The window will be open till 2035 and after that the relative share of the working age group in the population will start declining. The current bulge in labour supply in India cannot be attributed merely to the high population growth rates that prevail in some backward Indian states, but is also due to the change in age structure in favour of the more productive age groups in the relatively developed states. The latter phenomenon can be attributed to the steadily declining fertility rates in these states. However, the paper emphasises that such demographic changes are not sufficient to provide an upward push to rates of economic growth, but should be accompanied by generation of employment opportunities and human capital formation.

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