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Torture, Empire and Nation

In an article on the revelations of torture practised by the US military at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq (‘Torture, the Public Secret’, June 5, 2004), Anupama Rao concludes by emphasising the importance of structural violence in colonial and neocolonial situations, as opposed to the extreme physical violence of torture, and argues that by following the liberal discourse on the rule of law and individual rights, “We run the risk again today of singling out the perpetrators of torture, while ignoring the structural brutality, the profound redefinition of humanity, which characterises the 21st century emergence of a new imperial formation.”

Mapping the Enemy

The images of Islam which inform the RSS and its carefully nurtured and directed hatred are not limited to the Hindu right alone but are found in popular and academic discourses both in India and the west. They bear little relation to the reality of Islam as lived by Muslims in India and around the world where faithful adherence to the tradition coexists with tolerance of other faiths. But this reality exists outside the Orientalist grids which inform our understanding of Islam.

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