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Living Together Separately

This is the story of a village where Dalits have become economically and politically powerful, and are trying to raise their status in the local social hierarchy, but encounter fierce resistance from the upper castes. As a result, social life becomes complex and complicated to the extent that almost the entire institutional framework, which brings order and stability in society, is being questioned and contested with different castes living in a "hostile" social environment. Such an emergent collectivity gives birth to caste and communal conflicts, "honour" killings, and has implications for the functioning of democratic institutions and implementation of development programmes.

Limits to Power

This paper explores the general tendencies associated with the rise and decline of Naxalism in rural Bihar. It does not examine Naxalite organisations or activities, but reports on a case study of a single village in a very troubled region of south Bihar where contesting sections of the village community have tried to use Naxalism for their own ends. The emphasis is not on the political issues associated with Naxalism, but on delineating the concrete ways in which it becomes operative in village politics.

Future of Mid-Day Meals

Future of Mid-Day Meals SHASHI BHUSHAN SINGH Jean Dreze and Aparajita Goyal

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