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Restaging Marathi Theatre

A new crop of playwrights and directors offers glimmers of a rejuvenation in Marathi theatre.

Satyadev Dubey: Director of Words and Ideas

Satyadev Dubey loved provoking a debate and was never happier than when he could get young theatre practitioners to "react" rather than passively accept his opinions. Over half a century he directed more than 100 plays in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and English, seeking out young playwrights and encouraging them to rewrite their works and also trained generations of actors.

Mother in Sane Guruji s Shyamchi Ai

Shanta Gokhale Sane Guruji's Shyamchi Ai (Shyam's Mother) must be assumed to have greatly influenced middle class attitudes towards motherhood judging by the fact that in the period between its first publication and its last reprint, a span of 55 years, every middle class home in Maharashtra is said to have possessed a copy of the book. It was also made into a film which instantly received the same kind of adoring viewership.

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