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India's Water and Power Crises

With drought affecting large parts of the country, there are question marks on an energy policy that stresses thermal power plants. The vagaries of climate change will make such plants even more inept.

Nuclear Power in the Context of Global Warming

Four American scientists have proposed giving nuclear power a chance to reduce fossil fuel pollution and mitigate global warming. But from all we know so far, it could be futile to address global warming by replacing one polluting electricity-generation technology with another very risky technology, while not reducing our overall consumption of energy and materials. This article points out that a growing number of studies see a very critical role for renewable energy sources in the near future. Whether to combat poverty or global warming, our attention needs to turn to these cheaper, safer, sustainable, and people-friendly technologies.

True Electricity Demand and the Critical Role of Renewable Energy Sources

The choice before energy policymakers is stark - we can either choose a carefully thought-out strategy of responsible demand-side management and sustainable energy supply options, or allow things to drift by projecting an unlimited energy demand, and face all the associated serious consequences through the continued use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

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