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Remembering Pandian

M S S Pandian, who passed away in New Delhi after a cardiac arrest on 10 November 2014, at the age of 57, was among the younger members who joined the editorial collective of the Subaltern Studies in 1990.

Hindu and Islamic Transnational Religious Movements

There has been a phenomenal intensification of transnational religious networks and of new international players and styles oriented to missionisation, religiosity, spiritual rejuvenation, creating and recreating community. Writings on globalisation have focused on capital and labour flows and on global governance rather than on global operations of religious movements. This article makes some observations regarding the transformation of religion under globalisation and new modes of transnationalism in the context of a discussion of the Tablighi Jama`at and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Communal Violence in Jaipur

Communal Violence in Jaipur Shail Mayaram Communal violence in Jaipur must be seen in the context of developments which have taken place in the last decade which have deeply affected the political culture of Rajasthan. Three issues particularly brought new sections into the public arena. The Deorala sati, the Mandal commission and the Ayodhya temple issue.

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