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Socio-Economic Base of Political Dynamics in Madhya Pradesh

This paper tries to analyse the process of inclusion of the subalterns in the politics of Madhya Pradesh, both as was attempted during the 1980s and in the more recent period. It argues that during the various periods of Congress rule in the state there never was any dearth of efforts by the state for the inclusion of the marginalised in the power structure. However, there appear to have been a dearth of takers in the subaltern society for these state initiated efforts. In spite of successive efforts of the traditional elites "largely constituted by the upper castes in the region " the emergence of the subalterns remained confined within the parameters of upper caste-class dominance. As a result it failed to trigger social movements among the backward caste-classes, as in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The vigorous attempts by the state in the more recent period to provide better representation to the weaker sections have failed to yield the desired results primarily because of two reasons. First, the traditional elites were attempting to create an alternative social base without providing actual power and, secondly, in the absence of any corresponding effort for economic development and the unprecedented depletion of the resource base, it created a situation beyond the control of the state.

Bihar : New Panchayats and Subaltern Resurgence

The panchayat elections have seen the decisive emergence of the lower backward castes. Their presence in the power structure as 'mukhias' and zilla parishad chairmen indicates that new social and political equations are emerging at the local level.

Non-Development of Bihar A Case of Retarded Sub-Nationalism

Non-Development of Bihar: A Case of Retarded Sub-Nationalism Shaibal Gupta It is argued in this paper that the absence of sub-nationalism has acted as a stumbling block in the economic development of Bihar. No movement to preserve the regional market as an exclusive preserve of the nascent Bihari bourgeoisie too off and outside business and industrial interests have got entrenched in the state's economy.

Potential of Industrial Revolution in Pre-British India

Potential of Industrial Revolution in Pre-British India Shaibal Gupta The question whether India was on the threshold of an 'indtistrial revolution' at the time of the colonisation of the country has been endlessly debated, with various economic historians (even those of Marxist persuasion) coming to widely different conclusions.

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