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Remembering Pandian

M S S Pandian, who passed away in New Delhi after a cardiac arrest on 10 November 2014, at the age of 57, was among the younger members who joined the editorial collective of the Subaltern Studies in 1990.

Ineligible for History

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has mandated that an exam, i e, the National Eligibility Test (NET), be passed as a requirement for the teaching of history at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, except in the case where the candidate has a PhD.

On the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme

We are in the midst of strong protests by teachers and students against the imposition of the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) in Delhi University.

Eric Stokes and the Ghadar of 1857

Shahid Amin Eric Stokes, The Peasant Armed: The Indian Revolt of 1857 edited by C A Bayly; Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1986; pp xvi + 261, Rs 150.
ERIC STOKES, the late Professor of Commonwealth History at the University of Cambridge, was a powerful presence in the world of colonial historiography Stokes wrote his celebrated study "English Utilitarians and India" in the late 1950s In the next two decades he published a host of provocative essays. At least two of these

Of Peasants and Peasant Movements

Of Peasants and Peasant Movements Shahid Amin Social Anthropology of Peasantry (ed) Joan P Mencher; Somaiya Publications, Bombay, 1983; pp 351,
Peasant Movements in India: Mid-Ninteenth and Twentieth Centuries by Sunil Sen; K P Bagchi and Co,

Unequal Antagonists-Peasants and Capitalists in Eastern UP in 1930s

Peasants and Capitalists in Eastern UP in 1930s Shahid Amin This paper is a part of a larger study of the political economy of the Gorakhpur region in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Its chief concern is with the following problem: How is the relationship between peasants and capitalists structured by the given character of small peasant production as a system, and more specifically as a process? In the present paper this perspective is brought to bear on the notion of 'complementarity of interest' which, according to the captains of the industry, existed between the 'growers' and the 'millers' of sugarcane.

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