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Charlotte Bronte and the Woman Question

Sangeeta Dutta Mid-19th century saw the emergence of a female literary community coincide with the social phenomenon of an excess of female population which stimulated widespread reassessment of women's role and relationship. Women's work had meant work for others, women were defined as wholly passive, projected as selfless. Charlotte Bronte was among the female role innovators breaking new ground and creating new feminine' possibilities. Examining her fictional world this paper seeks to show how she employed the novel to demonstrate woman's proper sphere and to remake woman's image in the face of the dominant ideology.

Relinquishing the Halo Portrayal of Mother in Indian Writing in English

in Indian Writing in English Sangeeta Dutta This article analyses a select group of novels written by Indian authors in English which deal primarily with the woman's role as mother, the operating ideology of motherhood, its absorption into public and private life and the resistance offered to such compensatory glorification. Extending over a period of more than fifty years (1935-1988) these novels reveal the material powerlessness of the mother while she is eulogised as life-giver and nurtures as individual, as country, as goddess. They expose the tremendous ideological burden which the individual woman has to bear and act out and also capture the stirrings of female discontent against stich role-constructs.

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