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Online Gods Ep 1: Big Data and The Ladies Finger

In this episode we speak to Ralph Schroeder about Big Data and Nisha Susan about The Ladies Finger.

India Needs a Fresh Strategy to Tackle Online Extreme Speech

Abuse and disinformation should be approached as an important culture of mediatised politics in the digital age, which not only reflects extant political differences but significantly shapes what it means to participate in public life for a net fed generation.

Talking Media with 'Online Gods': What Is Academic Podcasting Like?

What does it mean “to do ethnography” in the “digital age”? Should ethnography become multimodal? The founders of the academic podcast, Online Gods, provide an insight.

Virtual Crime and Women

Cyber Crimes against Women in India by Debarati Halder and K Jaishankar, New Delhi: Sage, 2017; pp xvii + 252, ₹795.

Aam Aadmi: Decoding the Media Logics

The spectacular rise of the Aam Aadmi Party and all the recent controversies it has sparked prompt us to examine the role of media in the making of the "common man". This article traces the logics of print, television, and social media, to ask what it means to consider AAP as a "media party".

World-Class Aspirations

India's Middle Class: New Forms of Urban Leisure, Consumption and Prosperity by Christiane Brosius (New Delhi: Routledge), 2010; pp xvii + 381, Rs 795.

Beyond Acquiescence and Surveillance: New Directions for Media Regulation

The increasingly complex and elusive media landscape has thrown fresh challenges to an unsettled ecosystem of media policy in India. This paper traces some of the challenges posed by the new communications technologies and the variegated field of media practices to argue that the fragmented media policy framework requires a complete makeover in terms of its regulatory objectives, strategies and public media obligations. Emphasising the need for incorporating anthropological and technologically informed perspectives on the nature and implications of current media expansion, the paper proposes that the policy framework should include a modular and unbundled approach to media regulation. Policymakers should also invest research energy into the exercise of mapping the diversity of media practices and multiple logics driving rapid proliferation of media across the country. In the context of growing state practices of surveillance and staggered acquiescence to corporate interests, policy interventions should move beyond the contradictory impulses of "policing" the media and media-enabled development to craft innovative ways of leveraging the benefits of current media architecture as well as several recent legal provisions aimed at enhancing the capacity of public information.

Mediatised Terror: Terror in the Age of Media Explosion

The media coverage of the Mumbai terror incidents (between 26 and 28 November 2008) and their aftermath has been widely criticised for various reasons. Yet it is necessary not to frame these criticisms without understanding the structural models that drive news production - which is subsumed largely to capital and is not free of political content.

Research Programmes for Engaged Social Sciences

A report on a national consultation on the state of social sciences and future directions that was held recently at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.


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