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Malaise of Indian Financial System

Financial crises the world over have revealed that weaknesses in financial systems and their supervision contribute to macro instability. Not only is stronger supervision necessary but the discipline of the market needs to be reinforced. Corporate governance needs to be strengthened and bankruptcy legislation made more robust. With rapid technological changes, the leaders in innovation would claim the best business. Banks and financial institutions which resist change would, like dinosaurs, become extinct. The financial system would need to be guided by three requirements, viz, transparency, rigorous norms and appropriate incentives.

Foreign Collaboration, Indigenous Research and Development of Indian Consultancy Services

Development of Indian Consultancy Services S S Tarapore This paper is concerned with the question of building up a base of technological skills within India and with the crucial role of consultancy services in incorporating foreign technology within the country.

Between Prescription and Practice

International Finance, edited by R N Cooper ; Penguin Books, Hir- mondworth, Middlesex, England ; 1969 ; pp 384 ; 9 s.
THE Penguin Modern Economics series of readings provides, in a compressed form, essential developments in a particular branch of economics and, though addressed to 'university students', it is no short-cut guide for examination purposes. It is rather a book, fox the specialist whose theoretical background has turned somewhat rusty by years spen in the field of applied economics.

Transmission of Technology-Its Relevance to Trade and Aid

Although (he problem of technology is not one of the main themes at UNCTAD II, it cuts across a number of issues before the Conference.
This article attempts to outline some of the issues involved in the transmission of technology against the backdrop of the central theme of UNCTAD //, highlighting the problems of the induction of new lines of production in the developing economies, their entrance as exporters of manufactures and the costs of obtaining technology from the developed countries.

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