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ARMY- The Americanisation of Bodh Singh

The Americanisation of Bodh Singh S Krishnappa SOME years ago a Canadian journalist named Stevens wrote a rather interesting piece called "The Sun Is Setting on the Paleface Brave". That was just before the electronic war in Vietnam had got into full swing. Stevens' thesis was that Western armies and specifically the white soldier had surely but steadily lost the fighting man's basic stalking instincts and senses, because he had become more and more dependent on sophisticated and expensive gadgetry. The coloured soldier (Asian or African), on the other hand, had not been trained and, therefore, had not become dependent on gadgetry. He retained his keep basic (call it primitive if you like) instincts and senses; acute vision, hearing and sense of smell as well as the ability to move unfettered on and under the battlefield. The coloured soldier was therefore bound to defeat his white adversary, who was handicapped on the battlefield by his electro-mechanical crutches, so to speak. Vietnam has since abundantly proved that the more a soldier is trained to be dependent on sophisticated crutches the more he cannot fight.

Ho Chi Minh An Inspiration and a Warning

October 8, 1973 a major weapon in his struggle to recover full authority over the orientation of political power. Mao had evidently anticipated the course of events: he had remarked to Snow 1965 (a remark which Snow was 'aide to appreciate only later) that there was no "worship of the individual

DEFENCE-Expensive Mititary Toys

50 per cent in the Second Plan period and 47 per cent in the Third Plan period, declined sharply thereafter and stood at 32 per cent in 1971-72 ("Losing Struggle", May 19).

The Revolutionary Priest

The Revolutionary Priest S Krishnappa Revolutionary Priest, Camillo Torres, edited by John Gerassi; Jonathan Cape; pp 460;

Arms Proliferation amidst Poverty

Arms Proliferation amidst Poverty THE SIPRI Yearbook is now an established reference work. It is a highly documented and authoritative manual which has been improving its factual content, size and presentation every successive year. This is the fourth edition. The 1973 Yearbook is compiled in four main parts; Strategic Aims Limitation, Special Topics (European security, prohibition of inhumane weapons, UN peacekeeping forces), the Development and Spread of Arras Races, and Deve- lopments in Arms Control and Disarmament.

Politics of Defence

Politics of Defence S Krishnappa Our National Security by K Subrahmanyam; Economic and Scientific Research Foundation, New Delhi, 1973; pp 65; Rs 5.

Cost of Defence Research

Cost of Defence Research S Krishnappa Resources Devoted to Military Research and Development and Prospects for Arms Control in the Ocean, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Soviet Maritime Power

Soviet Maritime Power S Krishnappa "NOT since Peter the Great had Russia turned to the sea in this dramatic fashion; If Punch cartoonists had still been drawing Russian bears they would have changed the land animal for a polar bear. But this was no backward eighteenth century monarchy on the move, it was a centralised, communist bureaucracy, ideologically dedicated to the defeat of capitalism

New Aircraft for the Navy

Or what has been the performance of the Industrial Finance Corporation and of the Industrial Development Bank? And will somebody care to make these exercises after excluding the flows originating in, and going to, Calcutta? Or will it be rude to inquire what exactly has been the contribution, in the course of its not inconsiderable span of existence, of the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India for fostering industrial credit and investment in the eastern states? Finally, will somebody be kind enough to review the activities of the Industrial Reconstruction Corporation of India, in the eighteen months or thereabouts since its inception, and satisfy himself that the funds are being, really and truly, assigned for industrial reconstruction and not for baling one's near and dear ones out?

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