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Marketing of Wild-Medicinal Plants

The extensive knowledge of medicine available from Indian forests lies only with the tribal societies that inhabit such regions. Ensuring an end to the age-old exploitation of tribal societies at the hands of intermediates and by the effective intervention of state governments and NGOs, the tribal economy based on sale and production of wild medicinal plants can truly thrive from its integration with the market economy.

Restrictive Labour Practices in Banks

S K Datta Restrictive labour practices, which have become a major obstacle to optimum utilisation of staff in the banking industry, have developed because of the complacency and indifference of the managerial and supervisory staff of banks, on the one hand, and inter-group and inter-union rivalry resulting in competition among unions to ensure as low a workload to employees as possible, on the other. The incorporation of a joint declaration on restrictive practices in the Third Bipartite Settlement in the banking industry was a significant development in this context. However, bank managements have so far evinced little determination to make use of the joint declaration to put an end to restrictive practices.

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