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Management Development-A Diagnostic Study

A Diagnostic Study S K Chakraborty The success of Management-by-Objectives as a change approach depends very much on the psychosocial variables in an organisation. A knowledge of some of these is, therefore, essential before launching an MBO programme in an organisation, especially when management development and managerial effectiveness are its focus.

Optimal Capital Structure and towel Cost of Capital-Towards an Operational Approach in the Indian Context

of Capital Towards an Operational Approach in the Indian Context S K Chakraborty Abhijit Sen Knowledge of the cost of capital helps in planning the optimal capital structure for the firm.

Cash Working Capital vs Balance Sheet Working Capital-An Analysis Based on Four Cases

Working Capital An Analysis Based on Four Cases S K Chakraborty Working Capital in Common Parlance THE conventional definition of working capital in terms of offsetting the current claims against the firm against the current claims of the firm seems somewhat confusing. The surplus left after such offsetting is in fact equivalent to a portion of the long-term claims against the firm. One has only to visualise the Balance Sheet layout to appreciate this point. Working Capital so defined is thus really a part of long- term finance used to support current activities. This is the working capital margin money which is treated as fixed investment for project appraisals. The following simple illustration will make the point clear:

Use of Operating Cycle Concept for Better Management of Working Capital

How does a business know whether it is employing too much or too Utile working capital? Do we fall back on ratios like 2 : 1 or I : 1?
No, we need to have a more precise tool for comparison, derived from the technological and trading characteristics peculiar to each business.

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