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Reincarnation of Gandhian Ideas

December 27, 1975 effect. These incendiary weapons consist of a quantity of a highly volatile self- igniting liquid, such as triethyl aluminium, very slightly thickened with a polymer. This incendiary material can be used in a wide variety of grenades, shells or cluster bombs.

Is There Hope for Man

Is There Hope for Man?
Romesh Diwan An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect? by Robert L Heilbroner; W W Norton and Company, 1974; pp 144; paperback edition $ 2.25.

Gandhi Is Alive and Well

November 15, 1975 outflow on account of imports, dividend, servicing of foreign exchange loans, royalties, etc. Here too, however, the management feels that the company will have to put in more stren- ous efforts, as there are recessionary trends and fierce competition in the international markets. The company has undertaken a phased programme to establish a central research and development laboratory

Planning for the Poor

Planning for the Poor Romesh Diwan The problem with Indian planning has been that it has not even begun to ask the fundamental questions* For whose benefit is the Plan formulated? Can the total resources of the country support a life style, now enjoyed by the upper middle class, for even a simple majority of the population? In other words, how far is industrialisation possible in the context of Indian resources and human needs ? These questions are important since they affect the goals and strategy of planning and development.


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