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Agricultural Prices, Production and Growth

S K Ray Ralph W Cummings Jr Robert W Herdt Price and tax policies are important instruments which can be used to allocate existing resources, create new resources, induce or discourage technological changes, etc. Agricultural prices (and taxes) are one means by which resources can be transferred from the large agricultural sector to the growing non-agricultural sector.

Agricultural Wages, Production and the High-Yielding Varieties

High-Yielding Varieties Robert W Herdt Edward A Baker With the dramatic increases in agricultural production in certain regions following the use of high- yielding varieties, interest has focused on the fortunes of agricultural labourers. On the one hand, there has been concern that the rising wages of agricultural labourers in certain areas may reflect an increasing scarcity of labour, entailing mechanisation of operations. On the other hand, there is the feeling that agricultural labourers have not received their due share in the benefits of the new technology, i-e, that wages have tended to stay constant despite the rising productivity.

Nitrogen Response of Rice 1968 AICRIP Trials

Robert W Herdt The "New Strategy'' of agricultural development places considerable reliance on concentrating the scarce resources of fertiliser and irrigation in those regions and on those crops where the return will be the greatest.

Profitability of High-Yielding Wheat and Rice

The slower acceptance of HVY rice compared to HYV wheat may be because of (i) differences in the responsiveness of HYV rice and wheat to fertiliser or (ii) higher quality-based price discounts for HYV rice than for HYV wheat.

New Agricultural Strategy Revisited

The New Agricultural Strategy is based on concentration of high-yielding varieties of seeds and complementary inputs on selected water-assured areas. The decision to concentrate resources marked a major departure from earlier agricultural policies.

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