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The New African American Middle Class

Robert Gregg The Afro-American middle class in the first half of this century had close familial, political and social ties to other African Americans, and stressed bourgeois values like promoting self-help, upliftment and sobriety. The contemporary Afro-American middle class, in contrast, derives its position from greater income levels which have created a social distance between it and its urban poor brethren.. Nevertheless, despite its economic improvement, the new Afro-American middle class faces racial discrimination and bigotry which is forcing it towards separatist nationalism. Thus, despite their desperate desire to escape the ghetto, racial discrimination and changes within the American economy threaten the new African American middle class in ways that force its members to consider the plight of those who remain in the ghetto.

The Empire and Mr Thompson-Making of Indian Princes and English Working Class

Making of Indian Princes and English Working Class Robert Gregg Madhavi Kale The elision of empire in E P Thompson's work has had important implications for the emergence of Social History. In his focus on culture Thompson did not merely enlarge the historian's lens to rescue the lower orders as agents, so enabling further enlargement in the future. Instead his use of culture placed another veil in front of History, another layer on the 'palimpest of history' making it in some ways more difficult to incorporate empire, non-metropolitan subjects and race and gender perspectives into future historical analysis.

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