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Paediatrics: Should Gender Be an Issue?

Over the last two decades textbooks of paediatrics have shown a significant change towards being more gender sensitive. A textbook of the 1970s, one of the two reviewed here, continues to carry the baggage of a stultified clinical approach to child health and disease, while the more recent one, brought out by a professional association of paediatricians shows that at least some leading authors are acknowledging the social and epidemiological context of paediatric practice in India. But even this textbook falls short of providing a new model of practice incorporating a gender sensitive perspective.

Child Survival and Development Revolution-A Sceptical Look

Child Survival and Development Revolution' A Sceptical Look Raman Kutty THE realisation that resources are improperly utilised in child health, or that strategies are not tuned to produce the best results in many countries of the underdeveloped world, is of recent currency in international circles. Rerhaps the demonstration effect of China and Cuba catalysed the recognition. The GOBI (Growth monitor- ing-Oral rehydration-Breast-feeding-Im- munisation) approach to improving child health indices and the CSDR (Child Survival Development Revolution) as envisaged by the UNICEF are ultimate products of a line of thinking originating from this [1, 2]. The Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS) in India can be thought to be a natural corollary to the international thinking.

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