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The Hidden Universe of Non-profit Organisations in India

Systemic reform of the institutional and legal framework for non-profit organisations in India is long overdue, but its absence does not imply that their societal, developmental and professional contributions should be ignored, decried, or devalued.

Anil Bordia: Testing the Limits of the System

Anil Bordia was a civil servant who was passionate about taking education to the masses and making every Indian literate. In this endeavour, he roped in academicians, activists, journalists and educationists who would otherwise have maintained a distance from "government work". He worked within the system to change it and subvert its regressive tendencies.

How Large Is India's Non-Profit Sector?

The first ever sample survey of the size of the non-profit sector in India places the number of such organisations at 1.2 million. These groups invlove as many as 19.2 million people, many of whom work on a voluntary basis. This is equivalent to 2.7 million paid employees and 3.4 million full-time volunteers, a total of 6.1 million which is considerable given the fact that central government employees in 2000 numbered only 3.3 million. Contrary to popular perceptions, as much as 51 per cent of the receipts are self-generated, and only 36 per cent come from the government as grants and loans and a mere 7 per cent from foreign sources.

Organisational Effectiveness A Comparative Analysis

A Comparative Analysis Rajesh Tandon This paper discusses a set of hypotheses about organisational effectiveness. The validity of the hypo, theses are examined in the light of a comparative analysis of two units of a company.

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