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Displacement in Singrauli Region: Entitlements and Rehabilitation

Loss of livelihood and displacement has become a recurring feature for the people of Singrauli, on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, due to the construction of dams and power and mining projects over the last five decades. These communities are again in the process of being displaced with private players setting up five super thermal power and three mining projects in the area. This time, however, the project-affected people seem to be in an advantageous position with project managements competing to offer them better rehabilitation and resettlement packages. This is a change brought about by the sustained struggle of oustees and civil society groups all over the country for a better deal.

Water Consumption Patterns in Domestic Households in Major Cities

Supply-led water deprivation prevails in major cities in India. The per capita water availability in these cities is nowhere near the standards laid down by the World Health Organisation or the Bureau of Indian Standards (1993), and it is also far lower than that in other large cities in the world. The availability of water in Indian cities varies with socio-economic groups and areas. Households with incomes below Rs 3,000 a month suffer a lot - about 72 per cent of such households in these cities lack sufficient water.

World Bank Funded Slum Sanitation Programme in Mumbai

Mumbai's Slum Sanitation Programme that seeks community responsibility and its involvement in the setting up of sanitation facilities in living areas holds out important lessons for similar collaborative endeavours between the government, funding agencies, civil society organisations and the affected community. While such a broadly participatory approach ensures the accrual of benefits to the beneficiaries, it can only function effectively if methods of implementation are transparent and key members play a facilitating role.

Obituary: Remembering Vikash Pandey

At both the personal and professional levels Vikash Pandey worked towards promoting space for individual freedom and appreciated differences. He had a capacity to challenge the status quo and to create space for the unexplored.

Involuntary Displacement: A Few Encounters

This paper discusses the rehabilitation and resettlement programmes for people affected by infrastructure and industrial projects in the country. It considers aspects such as intensity of involuntary displacement of people from their productive assets and its effects, induced urbanisation and the role of funding organisations and NGOs. It also looks at voluntary displacement, which has resulted in the depletion of large tracts of productive land.

Displaced Workers and Withering of Welfare State

This article attempts to demonstrate, through a case study, that the ascendancy of new-liberal policies has led to the decline of the welfare state and that this has had an adverse effect on the employment situation and the lives of workers.

Housing Poverty in Third World

Housing Poverty in Third World R N Sharma Housing the Urban Poor: Policy and Practice in Developing Countries edited by Brian C Aldrich and Ranvinder S Sandhu; Vistaar Publications, New Delhi,

Land Grab, Bombay Style-Urban Development in Vasai-Virar Hinterland of Bombay

Land Grab, Bombay Style Urban Development in Vasai-Virar Hinterland of Bombay R N Sharma Urban development in India, especially in and around large cities, is today largely oriented to the expansion of private business with the government having little say in the control and direction of use of the main resource, land, A case in point.

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