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Vagaries of Soviet Wheat Production

It is a myth to hold that the recent wheat shortage is about to lead to the collapse of the Soviet agricultural system. The Soviet wheat problem is mainly due to wide fluctuations in annual production levels.

A New Era in Soviet-American Relations-The Soviet View

beyond the issues with which it is currently preoccupied. The force of much of its domestic programme is founded on an extension of government intervention and of bureaucratic controls. This is inevitable since the structure of society is such that needed adjustments will happen by themselves. But attention will have to be given to making sure bureaucratic methods do not crush the life out of the people they are supposed to help. Moreover there is growing dissatisfaction with the whole no- Lion of state action as practised by social democratic governments. Of importance, too, is the question of limits to economic growth. The cost of paying for much of Labour's programme is to be recouped from growth in the economy. As yet it is only the radicals on the left who are questioning the propriety of burning up resources in increasing quantities for the exclusive enjoyment of Australians. But this, too, is a question that will have to be faced.

Fifty Years of Soviet Achievement

February 24, 1973 Note: Figures in square brackets indicate percentage increase in post-tax profitability in each case with DR over post-tax profitability without DR (column 1).


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