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Genetically Modified Mustard and India's Future

Genetically modified mustard, if approved, will be the first such food crop to be commercially released in India. This will open the floodgates for other such crops making India one of the largest users of genetically modified crops in the world in the next 10 to 12 years. Given that its agriculture is largely in the hands of multinational seed and agrochemical companies, India will end up bartering its freedom for the benefit of a few and the misery of the rest.

On the Organisation of Science Research in India

Gautam Desiraju's tirade against research institutions outside of the conventional universities is hopelessly wrong, both in his facts and in his conclusions.

Revamping Higher Education

Revamping Higher Education PUSHPA M BHARGAVA The recommendations of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) on higher education, which were recently discussed (EPW, February 17 and March 10), were sent to the prime minister in spite of my repeatedly writing to the chairman

Ethics in Science

Is there a case for formulating a code of ethical conduct for scientific organisations and scientists in India?

The Bhopal Tragedy A Middle Word

The Bhopal Tragedy: A Middle Word Pushpa M Bhargava The Bhopal tragedy, with few parallels in human history, was totally avoidable. It has pointed out serious weaknesses in policies and their execution. It has also brought to the fore the ugly truth as to how little premium we place on human life

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