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Unemployment in India in Perspective

UNEMPLOYMENT The question naturally arises as to what is the number of unemployed persons in the country. Until recently, the Planning Commission used to provide estimates of this number. The term "backlog of unemployment", coined by the Commission initially to reckon the number of additional jobs required to be created during the Second Plan to eradicate unemployment within ten years (the optimistic goal announced in the Parliament during ' 1954-55), has become the focal point of many studies; and a large number of estimates for States (and even districts) are tossed about rather loosely. The Planning Commission's exercises on the subject were, however, restricted to making national estimates. According to the various Plan documents, the number of resources, it could arrange for transfers of incoimr through a system of unemployment insurance and other measures of social welfare. Such transfers of income do occur informally on a limited scale when the better-off persons in the villages and towns try to assist their needy neighbours or relatives. However, the traditional mechanism has gradually become clogged up and one would prefer an impersonal, institutional system which would obviate the personal obligations and the scope for 'exploita. tion' inherent in even humanitarian actions in small communities.

Growth of Greater Bombay, 1951-1961

Pravin Visaria Physical space together with the land-use pattern and density acceptable to the community set the ultimate limit to the size of an urban population.


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