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On Life and Death Questions

Pranab K Bardhan Most of the recent discussion on the assessment of poverty and levels of living in India is based on evidence provided by household consumption data. It is usually made with reference to either some minimum nutritional norms for food consumption or some general 'poverty line' defined in terms of a bare minimum level of private consumer expenditure.

On Welfarism vs Radicalism in Planning

March 2, 1974 lim community was compelled to de- link its ties or common social bonds with the Hindus. This observation acquires added importance in view of the fact that in the case of at least one- village that I visited, where Hindu- Muslim ties were strong, the village tided over the storm in spite of similar kinds of terrorism by the Razakars and the army. Also there were many instances of Hindus in predominantly Muslim villages remaining undisturbed. This gives rise to certain basic ques tions like: (a) Is such a delinking of ties between the two communities a result only of the state's coercive power, and so is the case mentioned above exceptional? (b) Do these happenings also provide a basis for studying the nature of social integration between the two communities?

Inequality of Farm Incomes-A Study of Four Districts

A Study of Four Districts Pranab K Bardhan The impact of the significant changes that have taken place in production technology and organisation in agriculture on income disparities has been a matter of widespread speculation.

On the Incidence of Poverty in Rural India of the Sixties

of the Sixties Pranab K Bardhan This paper tries to assess the changes over the sixties in the percentage of rural people below a well- defined minimum level of living, with the emphasis on the question of designing an appropriate consumer price index for the poor.

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