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Goan Intellectuals and Goan Identity-An Unresolved Conflict

At the centre of the conflict of identity that Goans face today is the 'paradise lost' syndrome. Being Goon and being an Indian are becoming increasingly two different things.

Essentialist and Epochalist Elements in Goan Popular Culture-A Case Study of Tiatr

Goan Popular Culture A Case Study of Tiatr Pramod Kale Among the numerous cultural performances of Goa partaking of both indigenous and European transplanted traditions the most popular and vibrantly alive is the Konkani language Tiatr; It is a form which is rooted in the working class and lower middle class Goan Catholic population living in Goa or outside expressing their trials and tribulations, hopes and aspirations.

Ideas, Ideals and the Market-A Study of Marathi Films

The generally sorry state of Marathi films at present is in sharp contrast to the creativity and ori- ginality that characterised the early period of Marathi film-making.

An Approach to Programme Research

through one of the several other agencies, This task may be accomplished through a Manager responsible for programmes development and monitoring with necessary support at the regional levels. Earmarking of funds on a continuing basis for programmes thus initiated is essential for consistent results in any long-term programme. The Programmes Development and Mointoring Manager in the Central PROGRAMME research in television is primarily concerned with the making of effective programmes.

Developing a Tool for Development- Television in India

that the elements (b) and (c) are far more important in their bearing on foreign exchange resources if TV industry is expanded in India. As an illustration, it is well known that Bharat Electronics, Bangalore, procures TV glass shells or picture tubes from abroad (the c i f value of a 23- inch tube is reported to be Rs 250) and then supplies picture tubes to all the TV manufacturers (assemblers would be a better usage).

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