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Driven to the Wall-Dalits under Shiv Sena-BJP Rule

Dalits under Shiv Sena-BJP Rule Prakash Bal The desecration of the Ambedkar statue and its violent aftermath have exposed chinks in the Hindutva armour of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance. These events have also brought to the fore the ideological bankruptcy of the dalit leadership and the inability of the Congress to effectively challenge the ruling combine politically.

Hazare s Anguish

Hazare's Anguish The alliance partners are shielding the corrupt and using the police to implicate their rivals. Yet, only Anna Hazare's grit to thumbnose the Sena chief on the issue of corruption carries the hope of any opposition to the alliance rule.

MAHARASHTRA-Victory By Default

Victory By Default Prakash Bal The Shiv Sena-BJP alliance, which had swept the elections to municipal corporations in Maharashtra, has not been able to repeat that performance in the elections to the zilla parishads and panchayat samitis. However, the results of these elections show that these two parties have made political inroads into the countryside.

Shiv Sena Losing Ground

Prakash Bal There is growing disenchantment with the Shiv Sena-BJP government as is evident from the results of the municipal council polls and the forthright criticism from respected cultural platforms. Yet Sharad Pawar's own political calculations and internal factionalism within the Congress are preventing a concerted oppositional campaign from emerging against the alliance.

MAHARASHTRA-Rising Tide of Resentment

MAHARASHTRA Rising Tide of Resentment Prakash Bal The Shiv Sena-BJP alliance is in troubled waters, having to contend with Anna Hazare's allegations of large-scale corruption by its ministers, the judicial strictures on its conduct in the Enron renegotiation, and the sharp resentment of the Maharashtrian middle class prompted by the Sena chiefs ill-considered criticism of its literary icon. While these events have shaken the ruling alliance, there is no political force in the state which can channel the popular discontent EARLY this week, in a span of 24 hours, the Sena-BJP government was lashed by the Bombay High Court, by Marathi litterateurs and by the common man. While dismissing the writ petition against the Enron power project at Dabhol, the division bench of the Bombay High Court passed severe strictures against the state government. A wave of anger and dismay has erupted in Marathi literary circles after Bal Thackeray criticised a renowned satirist, playwright and author P L Deshpande for his speech in which he made a veiled reference to the Shiv Sena chiefs open admiration of 'thokshahi' (dictatorship). On the top of this the Sena- BJP combine has suffered a blow in the municipal council elections.

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