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Quantification and Social Research-A Trend Analysis

The increasing volume of researches in: the: field of Indian social sciences calls for a close look at, besides other aspects, the methodology followed in them. This paper makes an the extent of application of quantitative methods of data collection and presentation in social science studies in India. A survey of 1907 published studies found that most of them were primarily of descriptive nature and devoid of any quantitative orientation. The relevance of both, the descriptive and the quantitative approaches, is also examined, [The author pishes to thank P N Mukherji and Surendra Munshi for their comments and suggestions and P N Mohalanobish, Biswanath Ray and Asish K Basu for their help.] THE steady increase in social science research in this country has necessitated a close look at the kinds of studies that are Being undertaken and the .methodology which guides them. Some attempts, however limited, have already been made in this direction (CSSR, 1968! SRU 1969). The present effort is directed towards, and limited to, an inquiry into certain methodological aspects of research in social sciences in India. More specifically, this paper examines (a) the extent and degree to which quantification has been an aid to inference, and (b) the use of sampling procedures in the, interest of repre- sentativeness in social science researches/ studies on India, particularly in sociology and social anthropology.

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