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Poverty Alleviation in Bihar

The paper “Eliminating Poverty in Bihar: Paradoxes, Bottlenecks and Solutions” is near perfect in terms of the issues raised. But there is a need to go beyond focusing on the economic and infrastructural aspects of development. A complex society like Bihar needs a revolution in terms of bureaucratic restructuring, remittance-based planning, and promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

Water Harvesting and Recharge: A Misinterpretation

The issue of upstreamdownstream water balance is an important one and there is a need to understand the feasibility of water harvesting and groundwater recharge in upstream areas. Kumar et al (EPW, 30 August 2008) highlight this issue, but they overemphasise the negative aspects.

Institutionalising Common Pool Resources Management

Pasture development interventions under various schemes of advancement of common pool resources have given mixed results in Rajasthan. Facilitating agencies must be aware of the local dynamics and conflicting interests and should promote village institutions keeping in view local factions and their inclinations. It is not the formally registered or constitutionally acknowledged body, but the underlying structures that make CPR management systems successful while rendering some others unsuccessful.

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