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Indian Anthropology and Sociology

There is need of a rigorous and comprehensive history of Indian sociology-anthropology, constituted as a full-fledged research area, to study the material, ideological and institutional context in which these disciplines developed. A report on a national workshop on the issue.

Feminine Identity and National Ethos in Indian Calendar Art

Calendar Art Patricia Uberoi Women have been and still are excluded from the production of and representation in many social and cultural activities, but even when they are included they do not receive their due recognition. In many genres of representation however, women are not only visible: they are prominent' objects of attention. The issue is then transformed into one of the correctness or incorrectness of the representation, or of the socially constraining nature of the stereotypical imagery, or of the relationship between women's subjectivity and objectivity.

Towards a New Sociolinguistics-A Memoir of P B Pandit

Until his death in 1975, Prabodh Pandit was one of the foremost among modern Indian linguists and a pioneer in the expanding field of socio-linguistics in this country.

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