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Politics of Peace and Secularism

small dams on rivers and other small irrigation schemes which will benefit a lot of people without displacing a large number of others from their homes and fields.

Estate Staff in Plantations-Some Misconceptions

Estate Staff in Plantations Some Misconceptions P M Mathew PLANTATION labour is an often misconstrued area. Much of it owes to inadequate understanding of the role of social classes and the dynamics of unionisation in this 'industry' which is part of the agricultural sector. Ajit Mani's paper on estate staff in plantations (EPW, May 12,1984) is no exception. Though it does a good job of highlighting certain woes of this section of plantation employees, the paper involves many misconceptions, both theoretical and practical, regarding unionisation and, as a matter of fact, includes even factual errors. Some of the misconceptions arise from an inadequate theoretical perspective on the role of social classes and the modus operandi of class contradictions, while the factual errors and wrong conclusions therein have been due to inadequate dependence on quantitative data.

KERALA- Politics of a Non-Political Struggle

KERALA Politics of a 'Non-Political' Struggle P M Mathew UNLIKE past agitations of fishermen in Kerala, the most recent, fifty days long one, spearheaded by the Kerala Swatantra Malsya Thozhilali Federation (KSMTF) attracted much greater publicity and public debate owing to the contradictions it created in the State's polities.


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