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Strengthen the CAG

I endorse your editorial “Accountability – Is It Just a Word?” (EPW, 1 September 2012).

K N Raj

As a teacher at the Delhi School of Economics, K N Raj was a winner among students of economics from the beginning. Students vied with each other to get as near him as the seating arrangements permitted.

A Can of Worms

The article entitled “Memorandum of Understanding and Business Performance Appraisal of the Public Sector” by R Venkatesan under the Review of Industry and Management (EPW, 27 September 2008) is well presented with respect to both facts and analysis of the performance of the public sector while,

New Vistas of Analysis

The article by Sudhir Krishnaswamy and Madhav Khosla entitled ‘Reading A K Thakur vs Union of India: Legal Effect and Significance’ (July 19) opens up new vistas of analysis and interpretation of the cases decided by courts, including the Supreme Court of India.

Companies Prima Facie

The well-argued article on ‘Board Level Remuneration in Central Public Sector Enterprises: Myth and Reality’ (May 3) by R K Mishra and A Sridhar Raj merits wide notice in official circles in order to correct a long-standing anomaly in the remuneration packages offered to executive directors of ce

NABARD and Microfinance

WI feel the two rejoinders by the officers of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) (December 29, 2007 and January 19, 2008) have not done justice to the major points raised by Nilakantha Rath in his article (September 15, 2007).

Indian Industry

Indian industry has had to bear the brunt of the government's recent espousal of free market policies. However, 'co-opetition' as a conscious strategy decision could help to smoothen the rough edges of competition by putting forward a variety of options - firms working together on a mutuality of interests; the devising of strategic alliances or even embracing a combination of several moves like combination management and/or marketing that could prove especially beneficial for the small sector industry.


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