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PARLIAMENT-Creeping Atrophy

terms of cheaper funds and inducement will be provided for corporate units to improve their 'behaviour' by honouring financial commitments like repayment of loans, payment of interest, etc, in time and to show better financial results. At least in the initial stages the scheme would cover only large borrowers (CAS parties). But the real snag is that the commercial paper would be absorbed only by the organised banking and financial sector and the entry of 'borrowers' as well as 'lenders' would be controlled by the Reserve Bank. In essence, thus, the commercial paper market is likely to merely bring about changes in the 'form' of borrowing rather than its 'content'. If the real objective is to reward good behaviour, even the present CAS arrangement is capable of incorporating such a reform.

Food Dependence

Food Dependence Nita Sanghvi The Wheat Trap: Bread and Underdevelopment in Nigeria by Gunilla Andrae and Bjorn Beckman; Zed Books, London; pp xii + 180,

Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir I WAS surprised and disappointed that the obituary of Simone de Beauvoir in sueh poor taste as AM's 'Calculta Diary' (April 26), It is surely not a coincidence that the Mihject of the obituary was a woman. That she was a major writer is a source of some discomfort to AM, who gears his whole write-up to proving that a woman remains a woman, a biologically and therefore intellectually inferior creature -although he lacks the courage to say this in so many words.

University Publishing

test of a majority. Which, under the material conditions of India today, signifies the test of the controlling minority. By this, the most repressive law can be justified.

State as Private Property

the authors' own words are only intended as curtain-raisers on the complex reform processes analysed in the book. As may be expected, each country has its own distinctive features with regard to the historical setting and social structure, the turn of events leading to agrarian reforms and the dominant groups planning and implementing reforms. The book is likely to place the reader in an unenviable position

Political Uses of Administrative Reform

security forces.
In the remaining Hindi state of Rajas- than, opposition unity and alienation of jats after the murder of Raja Man Singh, inter alia, brought the Congress(I) tally down to 113 against its lead in 188 assembly segments in December. The opposition raised its strength to 75 from 45 in the last assembly.

THE ADMINISTRATION-Protecting Scarcity Premium

THE ADMINISTRATION Protecting Scarcity Premium Nita Sanghvi THE Seventy-Seventh Report of the Estimates Committee (1983-84) (Seventh Lok Sabha) contains valuable information on the management of the All-India Services, especially the IAS

MANAGEMENT- In-house Entrepreneurship

Nita Sanghvi THE success of American management books like "In Search of Excellence" by Thomas J Peters and Robert H Waterman and "The Change Makers" by Rosabeth Moss Kancor, has resulted in a new buzz word among corporate circles all over the world

No Cook-Book Recipes

sion also talks nostalgically of the great teachers of old and laments their disappearance from our social system. Quite possibly, there are as many great and dedicated teachers today, in proportion to the total population, but their work tends to become obscured because of the tremendous expansion of education, and the shifting goals of education. Such nostalgia introduces a sentimental note in an otherwise practical and realistic book.

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