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The Politics of Secular Sectarianism

The rise of right-wing politics in India is built on the fragmented nature of the struggles waged by the oppressed who constitute the vast majority of the population: "lower" castes, adivasis, working classes and peasants, women, religious minorities, etc. Countering right-wing political imagination would mean a dismantling of caste-, class-, gender- and religion-based oppressions. This cannot happen without forging a commonality among the oppressed which is at once non-patronising as well as self-critical.

Subalterns, Cricket and the 'Nation'

Lagaan has been valorised both in the popular and academic discourse as having subverted the dominant order. This paper argues that such 'innocent' reading not only masks the film's hegemonic appropriation of the subaltern to the elite imaginary, but also participates in it. The contention here is that Lagaan is another symbolic attempt at 'nationalising' the past, an attempt that distorts history beyond recognition. And, more importantly, the 'nation' that is 'imagined' has no place for the subaltern in it.

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