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Migrant Women from West Bengal

The migration in increasing numbers to affluent cities like Delhi of poor, landless women from several West Bengal districts has important implications for policy-making at central and state levels. While on one hand, it points to the failure of development and reform activity in the state; on the other it illustrates the absence of relevant support mechanisms, especially offering financial assistance.

Air Pollution, Farming Systems and Livelihoods

Recent field evidence from some villages in Haryana substantiates documented findings from the world over about the impact of air pollution on agriculture and livelihoods.

Multilateral Investment Agreement and Poor Countries

from the WTO/TRIPs will have to decide on an IPR regime for micro organisms. Micro organisms do not feature as much in the mainstream of community knowledge as plants and animals. Even then, there are pockets of specialised knowledge regarding their use in cases like human and veterinary care and the processing and preservation of many foods. Care will have to be taken that any IPR regime that India accepts, will have provisions for acknowledging and compensating the rights accruing from indigenous knowledge.

Resolving People-Sanctuary Conflict in Protected Areas-Kushiara Village, Mirzapur

in Protected Areas Kushiara Village, Mirzapur Neela Mukherjee WILD life, in particular, and bio-diversity, in general, are under serious threat from various forces, especially anthropogenic activities, and need to be protected on a war footing. Some of such species are already extinct while others are almost at the verge of gradual extinction and need immediate protection. On this account, steps taken to build wild life sanctuaries and parks are laudable steps in that direction and the performance of the managers of such protected areas and their team of workers who are engaged in such a difficult task warrants appropriate recognition and due appreciation. Given the scale of the problem, many would agree that such efforts require further strengthening of measures so as to preserve and conserve bio-diversity in different forms.

Forest Management and Survival Needs-Community Experience in West Bengal

marriages it would have had very mollifying effect on non-Muslims.
The MPLB leaders kept quiet for a couple of months after the Supreme Court judgment was delivered. And now, when elections arc drawing near, they have suddenly woken up and are using threatening language. Some of the speakers in the meeting organised by the MPLB in Bombay on December 2, 1995 even declared jihad for protection of shari 'ah. This will provide grist to the BJP propaganda mill. They will in turn declare jihad against Muslim personal law. So far the BJP propaganda about uniform civil code has been in the low key. They are undoubtedly going to include it in their manifesto. But since they are also aiming at the Muslim vote (they have already given the slogan of talim tarbiyyat and lijarat. i e. education, training and commerce for Muslims) they may not raise the issue CCC in a strident manner. It may be raised just to satisfy their Hindutva brigade.

Rural Women and Food Insecurity-What a Food Calendar Reveals

What a Food Calendar Reveals Neela Mukherjee Amitabha Mukherjee In rural areas, the different dimensions of food insecurity are best depicted by poor women, who are traditionally held responsible for harvesting and Withering food, cooking them, distributing them within households, consuming the left-overs and often suffering hunger, to reduce food insecurity of other household members.

Indices of India s Invisible Trade, 1951-80

Indices of India's Invisible Trade, 1951-80 Neela Mukherjee In view of the significance which invisibles have gained in international trade over the past years, it is only by inclusion of invisible trade that we can get an overall picture of a country's terms of foreign trade. An attempt has been made in the present study to construct unit-value indices and quantum indices of India's invisible receipts and payments.

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