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The Environmentalists Another View-A Comment

The Environmentalists: Another View A Comment Navroz Mody IN his article "'The Environmentalists : Another View" (April 12), after presenting his caricatured views of the environmentalists' case, Kannan Sriniva- son proceeds for half the article to Ascribe motives to environmentalists of defending property interests in every one of the issues they have raised, Srinivasan's presentation of the environmentalists' case (for opposing the location of a fertiliser complex at Thal- Vaishet) does not even remotely resemble the case as made out to him, as we shall demonstrate below. More space in his article is devoted to a smear campaign suggesting that the environmentalists are bought off to serve the interests of the rich, even sent on trips abroad, etc. We present below our case, for the reader to judge its 'frivolity' and in fact look forward to a refutation of it from any source. This controversy has been raging for the Past two years; it does seem surprising, that all the journalists, scientists, environmental experts, the Task Force of the Department of Science and Technology, the Maharashtra Prevention of Water Pollution Board (MPWPB), the Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, MPs, etc, (all of whom have raised at some point objections to various aspects of this project) are, by Kannan Srinivasan's account mi-sled, motivated, and misinformed.


To Some, a God-Send Navroz Mody "WE have tried before, but It is very difficult to convince these peopleThey think they will become impotent, or won't be able to have children again if they ever want to. But now of course this is a god-send. We will katao at least 10-20 thousand by the year-end." The god-send was of course the famine. By a happy coincidence, in Maharashtra a "birth-control week" is being celebrated with great gusto in mid-December. The health officer was confident that with the government offering Rs 70 and free meals for two days to the 'candidate', the villagers' fears and resistance would wear away. After all, Rs 70 is something that would take a man between six to ten weeks to earn on a relief- project

Nationalism and US Corporations in Latin America

lition government in Kerala will have to face will be in relation to the powers and functions of the Chief Minister. No coalition government has so far been free of problems created by discord and lack of harmony between the Chief Minister and his colleagues. The problems have been more acute when a representative of a minority party has headed the government. The classic example was the refusal of the representative of CP(M) to accept the leadership of Ajoy Mukherji, the Bangla Congress Chief Minister in the last West Bengal Government, in many matters, In Kerala, Congress(R) members may well feel disinclined to act in accordance with the CPI Chief Minister's directives because they know that CPI's strength in the Assembly is half theirs. During his last tenure of office, Achutha Menon tried his best to avoid any conflict by not displeasing the bosses of other parties. He even went to the extent of compelling one of the ISP Ministers to resign because of pressures from the bosses of that party although he himself had nothing against the record of that Minister. Later, however, Menon refused to yield to ISP leaders when they continued to make one demand after another.

Chemical Warfare in Vietnam

Scheduled Caste political alliance was forged during the last by- election and it was to secure one MLA seat in the district as well as ensure the defeat of several prominent Congressmen, including H N Bahuguna himself. 41 These estimates of support are all estimates of the opinions of the candidates interviewed as well as several leaders of various campus political organisations.

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