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Proving Small Industry s Inefficiency

Proving Small Industry's Inefficiency Nasir Tyabji Small Scale Enterprises in Industrial Development: The Indian Experience edited by K B Suri; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1988; pp 348, Rs 195 (hb), Rs 95 (pb).

State Aid to Industry Madras 1921-37

The State A id to Industries Act passed in 1923 seemed to epitomise the spirit of the Indian Industrial Commission that active promotion of industry was a legitimate function of the government. But 12 years later the Public Accounts Committee of the Madras legislature held that the act had not served its purpose. The contest around the nature of the rules and the definition of enterprises eligible for state aid was the form in which the real contest between rising capitalist interests in India and the colonial administration was conducted.

Dale Carnegie Inc

Dale Carnegie Inc Nasir Tyabji Western Economists and Eastern Societies: Agents of Change in South Asia 1950-1970 by George Rosen; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 1985;

Capitalism in India and the Small-Industries Policy

Industries Policy Nasir Tyabji It is instructive to look at the genesis of what has come to be known as the small industries development policy and to see whether it was at all possible in the early 1950s, given the already existing strength of large industry, for any government to have appreciably increased the strength of cottage and other small industry


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