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Regionalisation of Indian Politics

An important feature of the recent general election was that it was a contest not between parties as such but between preelectoral fronts and alliances. With this, the republic seems to have irrevocably entered into an era of multi-party governance wherein the once mighty Congress has been forced to reluctantly adjust to the changed scenario in which regional parties have much more say.

GUJARAT-Presidents Rule Temporary Quiet

President's Rule: Temporary Quiet Nagindas Sanghavi The imposition of President's Rule in Gujarat cannot be justified on the grounds that have been given for it It is an unwarranted act destroying a democratically constituted government in the state, emphasising once again the urgent need for either scrapping or at least drastically modifying Article 356 of the Constitution. In fact the chain of events in Gujarat has shown up every constitutional authority involved in poor light.

GUJARAT-Patterns of Political Control

GUJARAT Patterns of Political Control Nagindas Sanghavi THE management patterns adopted by political parties for the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat reveal the interesting fact that the autonomy enjoyed by local units in selection of candidates and in campaigning is in inverse proportion to the electoral acceptability of the party.

GUJARAT-Limits of Regional Politics

GUJARAT Limits of Regional Politics Nagindas Sanghavi THE Congress debacle in Andhra and Karnataka has sharpened the focus ot its third stronghold, Gujarat, where the dissidents have taken the unusual step of quitting the mother party to establish a regional entity named National Congress. The emergent organisation is still to assume a structural and programmatic shape, but its founding convention attracted unexpected crowd of veteran Congress leaders and grass- root workers, Ratubhai Adani has been given a free hand to finalise its constitutional set up and forge its ad hoc organisation.

GUJARAT-Impending Realignments

December 4, 1982 worded provisions may not amount to much as far as the employees are concerned. For one, there is no provision for selecting representatives. As has often happened in the past, pocket unions of managements are set up and given representation. There is no provision for ascertaining membership. Worse, many institutions will totally escape the provisions of law since under section 28 of the Bill "Nothing in this Act shall apply to any hospital or educational institution owned or managed (a) by the government; or (b) by any organisation wholly or mainly engaged in any charitable, social or philanthrophic service".

GUJARAT-Competitive Populism

Competitive Populism Nagindas Sanghavi THE wind of factionalism that the Congress party had sown in 1973-74 in Gujarat is now being reaped. The scenario, the technique and even the end-purpose are the same; only the characters

GUJARAT-Vidhan Sabha Profile

get a berth in the Union Cabinet, but whose ambitions of becoming Maharashtra's Chief Minister are no secret, colluded with non-Maratha caste politicians to ensure that the fewest possible number of Maratha caste aspirants would be nominated for the Assembly election, Antulay's own chanoes

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