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Slam the Mike

To wonder whether slam poetry in Kuwait is organic or imported and alien is to miss the point that it at least catalysed the emergence of Arab identity in the first place.

Is Gender Equality an Oxymoron?

Gender is not an abstract social construct, but rather a material one that is often rooted within genetic, biological, mental and emotional characteristics.

Believing Is Seeing

Our biological propensity to fictionalise the world makes reality a shared belief, not a fact or a mere aggregation of experiences.

Art as Commodity

Perhaps it is more accurate to define elite art in today’s world market as currency instead of commodity, and to describe galleries and auctions as the new stockmarket.

A Vehicle of Escape

Discerning personal cultural subjectivity might well turn out to be therapy for literary-minded individuals.

The Ugly Struggle

Writers often have to battle mental illness and depression, which is not a productive disease and ought not to be glamorised as the mark of genius.

A Method to My Madness

Puzzled at why she writes in many genres, a Kuwait-based fiction writer and poet wonders whether it is our commodities or our roles that sum up our writing personas.

Why I Write in English

For a writer in Kuwait to produce creative works in English is a political act that enhances, not impairs, the Arab identity.

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