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No Representation without Taxation

Monojit Chatterji Within weeks of sweeping to power for an unprecedented third term, Margaret Thatcher has proposed far-reaching 'reform' of Britain's system of local government finance. The proposed replacement of property tax by a poll-tax will sharply raise the local tax burden on the poor, a significant proportion of whom are Asians and Afro-Caribbeans.

Sectoral Balance, Economic Policy and Indian Economic Development

chairman's tenure was shelved because it did not adequately take cognisance of the real politik that sugar policy has to face upto. It is believed that the last BICP study recommended a virtual restructuring of the industry in certain regions. One wonders what ideas the present study will come up with. It would also be shelved if it does not incorporate the political compulsions that government is subject to particularly in the case of sugar which, given the recent developments in Maharashtra Congress(I) politics, will once again become important parameters for any policy. On the other hand, it would be a futile exercise if it were not to confront boldly the problems facing the crop and the industry.

Neat Introduction

There are many other results presented which we do not consider to be of central importance from the point of view of mechanisation. Thus, all through, she has gone along with two comparisons, namely tractors with bullocks and tubewells with canals. It does not appear to us that the second comparison is really concerned with the problem of mechanisation, Tubewell and canal irrigation are two different modes of water use in agriculture. There are indeed a whole lot of problems of choice and com- binations of different means of using surface and ground water. Tubewell irrigation itself offers a whole lot of choices in the matters of depth, motive power, material (e g, steel, plastic, even bamboo and coir). To consider mechanisation of irrigation one has to go into all these which Bina Agarwal does not do. Irrigation is a field on which many others (e g, B D Dhawan) have done extensive and comprehensive researches. Bina Agarwal's contribution in this respect is not very remarkable.

Technology as Manna from Heaven

August 31, 1985 ing their national industries; (q) Assist in the establishment and operation of institutional infrastructure for the provision of regulatory, advisory and developmental services to industry; (r) Assist, at the request of governments of the developing countries, in obtaining external financing for specific industrial projects on fair, equitable and mutually acceptable terms.

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