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SOUTH-Confused Confrontation

Confused Confrontation THE coming elections are unusual in so very many ways

The Naxalites and Naxalism

Mohit Sen THE Naxalites, or the ultra 'Left' sec- tion of the Communist movement in India,, have now beta operating as a political force in some parts of the country for about three years. As an ideological grouping, of course, the Naxalites are older in years, and their ideology and methodological approach were familiar in the communist movement in India decades ago. It is necessary to examine the achievements of the Naxalites as also their ideology and methodology, Their achievement to date is extremely limited, and bears no comparison to what the united CPI was able to accomplish when it was pursuing a roughly similar line in the immediate post-War and post-Independenoe periods. Whatever may be said in the official sheet of the Cham Mazumdar section of the Naxalites, there exists in India not a single 'liberated

SOUTH-Tamil Nadu s Experience

SOUTH Tamil Nadu's Experience Mohit Sen THE DMK General Council has left it to the Chief Minister to decide whether the elections to the Assembly should be held simultaneously with those to the Lok Sabha, The decision will, of course, be important But it will not be crucial The crucial decision has Already been taken

SOUTH- Kerala s Quiet

SOUTH Kerala's Quiet Mohit Sen JUST at the moment of writing, though for how long one cannot be sure, there is quiet in Kerala in rather sharp contrast to what is going on in other States. With the Assembly session over, there has been a turn to hard, solid work on the part of the Ministry and its Congress supporters. If the tempo and momentum of this is kept up, then Kerala could set quite an unique example in these rather confused times.

SOUTH- New Alliances in Tamil Nadu

December 12, 1970 New Alliances in Tamil Nadu Mohit Sen EXTRAORDINARILY important developments are taking shape in Tamil Nadu. The municipal elections have compelled the formation of two broad types of alliances which could become the model for alliances throughout the country. And since India seems determined to evolve through paradox it is interesting to note that these developments are taking place in a State where the strongest regional party in India's modern history has its home.

Frederick Engels

Mohit Sen It was Marx who formulated the labour theory of value, making the vital distinction between abstract and concrete on the basis of which alone the distinction could be made between labour and labour power and without which the theory of surplus value could not have been formulated' But it was not Marx who first turned to the subject of political economy and the working class. It was Engels, the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of whose birth fell on November 28, who was the pioneer in this sphere and who, especially in his work on the condition of the working class in Britain, first achieved that dazzling clarity about the role of the working class in the present historical epoch which was rightly described by Lenin as the central theme of Marxism and the key insight of scientific communism.

SOUTH-Meaning of Kerala

Meaning of Kerala Mohit Sen IT is essential that any analysis of the election results in Kerala should start with stating the obvious. The heavy , turnout of the voters close to 75 per cent of the total electorate, itself considerably enlarged demonstrates that in one of the most politically advanced States in our country, the masses have an attachment to parliamentary democracy. They have very far from lost their faith in utilising this system to further their aspirations. That this is the position in Kerala with its unenviable record of general elections and where social antagonisms are well advanced is of the greatest significance. And this is the position a good two decades after this system was established in our country.

China s Unfinished Revolution

China's Unfinished Revolution Mohit Sen China's Cultural Revolution by Gargi Dutt and V P Dutt; Asia publishing House, 1970; pp 260 + viii.
China In the Year 2001 by Han Suyin; Pelican Books, 1970; pp 254.

SOUTH-Separatists Separate

SOUTH Separatists Separate Mohit Sen DEFECTIONS from the Telengana Praja Samiti increase as the date draws near for the formal conversion of this rather loose association into a run-of- the-mill political party. The latest defections are from Medak district where two legislators and four pancha- vat samiti presidents have resigned, ostensibly as a protest against the hectoring ways of Chenna Reddy. The background to this latest lot of dropouts is the manner in which the Praja Samiti boss had pushed through his candidate for the chairmanship of the Medak zilla parishad despite the opposition of the local organisers and with disastrous results.

SOUTH-Kerala Pointers

cording statutory status to the Telengana Regional Committee, of which Chokka Rao is the Chairman. And thirdly, there is the vaguely spelt out preference for a 'Meghalaya-type' constitution for the region, Fourthly, there is still the integrationist view, proposing, yet again, a sincere trial to be given to the 8-point programme announced by the Prime Minister in April 1969, which has as its core the setting up of a number of high-level committees to deal expeditiously with the problems of Telengana's development, the Telengana services, and employment for the Telengana people, etc.


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